Fri Jan 3 Deep Freeze Low -24 Windchill -35 Sunset 16:53


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I could not feel more grateful about

1. By the time I went down to the lunch cafe today, they were mostly out of food and especially soup, but I had a wonderful grilled panini from the leftovers.

2. Fleece for bone chilling weather

3. That squeaky scrunchy sound snow makes under your boots when it’s really cold.


Thu Jan 2 Holiday Over High -15 Low -19 Windchill -32 Daylight 9h00m


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Here are today’s blessings:

1. I lost access to the data on my 2TB disk drive and then I got it all back again.  Phew.

2. Good luck with bus timings over the last month

3. Seeing Judy’s practice shoes


Authentic – Judy Garland’s Practice Ruby Slippers circa 1938 (taken Aug 2 2013)