Wed Feb 5 Old Man Winter High -7 Low -9 Amount of Snow 1foot Sunset 17:33


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I am grateful

1. That Special K makes me go out for a walk no matter the weather (yes even in driving rain)

2. That some people were kind enough to shovel the sidewalk in front of their homes so there was a walkway

3. That the snowfall finally ended

3. That now that winter is here in earnest I don’t want it to end.

some people rain

Sun Jan 19 Light Snowfall High -3 Low -9 Sunset 17:10


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I am thankful that

1. I finally figured out what my USB power surge was – It was my busted ipod connector. Fixed. Now I can load up my podcasts, music and e-books again.

2. Green curry beef with glass noodle is delicious

3.  The glaciers of Iceland are so blue

Glacier Tour Iceland June 2010 (c) Special K

Glacier Tour Iceland June 2010 (c) Special K

Sun Jan 12 Other Uses for Kitty Litter High 2 Low 1 Hours of Daylight 9h13m


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Three new blessings today:

1. Kitty litter made from corn husks works as ice melter or at least ice neutralizer (sort of like sawdust)

2. Cats who take their meds without much fuss

3. Funny gals.  To whit: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

oops - cat in the corn husk litter

oops – cat in the corn husk litter